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Goldsmith Seeds

On our way back from Mt. Madonna we stopped at Goldsmith Seeds, an international seed company located on Hwy 152. I only wanted to pull to the side of the road and take some photos of their beautiful flower fields. But you can't pull over on the road - too narrow with "NO STOPPING ANYTIME" signs... so we ended up in Goldsmiths parking lot somewhat hesitantly, not knowing if we'd be welcome.

Wow - glad we did because they have some of the most beautiful flower gardens you'll ever see. Wandered around a bit, taking all kinds of photos.

These are the flower fields you can see from the road...


More beautiful flower beds. 


A good photo - think this is one of my favs... 


Close-up of some yellow flowers... would guess daisies but my limited knowledge of flowers will most certainly prove me wrong. 


Why am I always taking pictures of this guy wandering places? 


Mom with the not-daisies... 


Love this photo... I tried to restage it by having Mom and Dad move closer but it didn't turn out as well as this one.