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NY 2007

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Here are pics from our trip to NY. Dad wanted to go there for the Kris Kringle party his family celebrates each Christmas season. This was the first time I traveled somewhere and did NOT like the weather - it was very cold.

Since NY is a place where it's more efficient to use mass transit you have to walk wherever you go - thus the cold weather was very intrusive... I brought my jacket but ended up buying scarf, gloves, and pullover hat to stay warm.

You can imagine how happy I was to return to the cool, but not cold, climate of Northern California.


Rare accomplishment - parking the car in Brooklyn

There is nothing so sweet in Brooklyn as finding a place to park. We literally spent 30 minutes looking for a place to park after each time we took the car out. It got to the point where we TOOK THE BUS rather than move the car and waste another half hour cruising the neighborhood looking for a place to park.

Seriously - I will never again rent a car to drive in Brooklyn. Car service from now on...


Crowds at Macys 

First day out we went to Manhattan along 5th Avenue and one of the stops was Macys. Oh. My. Gosh. The crowds were incredible! I could not understand how anyone could possible do serious shopping with the noise and crowds - wall to wall people.


Times Square countdown ball

This is the ball that will be dropped from Times Square on New Years Eve 2007. It was on display at Macys and everyone would gather round it and marvel at how beautiful it was and take pictures.

I took a picture and paid my respects, but didn't think it was that big a deal....


Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center Plaza

Here's the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center Plaza. It's reported to be an 84' Norway spruce decorated with energy saving lights... pretty impressive. There's also an ice rink next to it (on the other side) where people can skate after waiting in a loooooong line on a freezing could night.

This was Friday night... One of Eileen's friends came back the next night and said she couldn't get within a block of the tree due to the crowds... wow!


Manhattan street scene at night

Busy street in Manhattan at night. The crowds, the cars, the lights, in the cold and sometimes snow - it's a lot to handle and we were very glad to get to our next destination.


The gang at John's Pizza restaurant

The gang at John's Pizza... from the left, Helen, Dad, Eileen, me, Mom, and Eileen's friend Katherine. Pizza was good - had to wait a couple of hours to be seated but in the end we were all stuffed and happy.

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