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Mt. Madonna 2008

The Bench

This is a really random picture, but I included it because there's a group picture taken on the same table back in 1968. Probably not the SAME table, but sure is in the same location. UPDATE: Checked out the table from 1968 and it IS different... way longer too.


Another random picture not really showing much except everyone hanging out after lunch. That's Kayla and Stephanie in the foreground, Mom in the background standing with a soda, and Dad sitting with John and Sylvia.


Laurie brought her laptop to show pics of the house her and Brian are building in Chico. Simply amazing... if you get the chance you should listen to the story of all the creative solutions they've come up with to deal with the challenges of this project. Quite impressive...


To the casual eye this is simply a small field next to the restrooms. But this used to be a kid sized baseball field where many of us remember playing the game with our grandparents.


Another simple field, but again a place with many distinct memories of baseball with the family. I can point to specific places on this field where a great catch was made or a home run hit, or where a group kids would gather waiting for one of the uncles to hit towering fly balls.


No Mt. Madonna picnic is complete without tossing horseshoes. Uncle Charlie (left) and I were playing Uncle John (right) and Chris.


A gathering of brothers and sisters... from the left: Carol, Bill, Catherine, Bob, Sylvia, Charlie, and John.


Spouses of siblings joined in the action...


This is without a doubt one of the best photos of our family... much thanks to Mike Schmitz for both taking and sharing it.