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Picnics at Mt. Madonna Park

Picnics at Mt. Madonna park are one of the signature events of the Schmitz family. Every year at least several family picnics would occur with lots of food, horseshoes, softball, and hiking to add to the growing memories.

The photos below are from a CD Carol and Weedy handed out as a gift at one our recent Christmas gatherings. The CD has photos separated into folders by year - going back to 1951 - with descriptions of people and events. It has nearly 1000 photos... somebody put in a lot of work.

Thank you Carol and Weedy!


This is one of the earliest Mt. Madonna photos I found and is dated 1956. I don't know who the kids are, but think I can recognize Carol's blonde hair sitting in the middle..


Mt. Madonna 1964 

Another photo supplied by the Wedemeyers... 1964. 


We need a bath!

This photo cracks me up... as kids, we'd spend a day at Mt. Madonna climbing trees, rocks, hillsides - running along fire trails, throwing horse poop at each other (yes, I remember that!), softball, frisbees, nature hikes... at the end of the day we had layers of dirt on everything. No doubt the tub we bathed in afterwards needed cleaning too...


Mt. Madonna 1967 

Another photo supplied by the Wedemeyers - notice the young newlyweds Charlie and Sandie McFall on the right.


Mt. Madonna 1968 

This photo was labeled 1968 with Weedy making an appearance.