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Hiking on Mothers Day

Went to Fremont Older Open Space Preserve in the foothills of Cupertino. The Fremont Older story is interesting... the land was purchased in 1912 by SF newspaper editor Fremont Older and his wife Cora.

Great idea Michelle!


Hay fever anyone?

One of the vistas along the trail - I just love the summer dry grass contrasted with the dark green of oak trees... this is California.


Leaving the pet cemetary

Going up the stairs after visiting the pet cemetery. Yes, there is a pet cemetery at Fremont Older OSP. The story is that when the Older family lived on the ranch years ago, the children's pets were buried here... after they died... the pets, not the children.



Grave markers in the pet cemetery... there are about a dozen of them.


What a view!

Hiking along the mountainside trail there were several opportunities to view Santa Clara Valley.


Good photo!

One of my favorite photos...


A quiet garden

Found this nice quiet garden with stone benches and walkways. Much of the property is still being restored and this little garden is waiting its turn - but looks very quaint anyway.


Cool manzanita tree

This is a really cool manzanita tree we found along the main driveway. The expansive red branches and rock retaining wall look as though they had been very cultivated at one time.