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Mom and Dad

Michelle, Mom and Dad

This is one of my favorite photos of mom and dad... taken in 2003 at a family gathering at the house on Escover Ln.


Thanksgiving 2004

Not sure why this photo came out so red but it was taken at their place on Thanksgiving of 2004. Emmy made it but I think Britt was working that year.


New York 2006

One of our trips to NY - this was at the small chapel that became a command center immediately after 911.


Celebrating at By th' Bucket 2005

Can't remember what we were celebrating but had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants By-Th-Bucket in 2005... excellent Italian seafood in Santa Clara.


Dad in the cement chair

Again back east, this time visiting Barney and Margaret in Pennsylvania. Took a tour of their town, Hawley, and ran across a statue making factory. Dad thought this chair was cool...


Barney's cow

Barney's cow... no explanation required.


Mom and Dad with Barney

On the trip back to the city we stopped for a break and took this photo of the group.


Mom and Dad with Hellen

One of our trips with Eileen and Helen thru Manhattan. I think this photo was taken behind Grants Tomb.


Dad and the Jackie Robinson statue

Went to a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game and Dad posed next to this statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese.


By th' Bucket 2006

Another gathering at By-Th-Bucket - this time Britt and Em made it. I think we were squeeze in a booth near the bar and Dad wasn't happy about it... didn't stop him from enjoying the seafood scaloppini though!


Ray's restaurant in Manahattan

This was at a small Italian restaurant in Manhattan. Eileen loves this place... from the photos on the wall a lot of celebrities do too.


Dad, Terry, and Em birtday celebration

And yet ANOTHER celebration at By-Th-Bucket... this time for Dad, Terry, and Emily's birthdays in 2006. I'm starting to think we need to expand our restaurant options...