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Britt, Em, & Willie

Britt, Emmy, and Cindy Ragsac's baby girl

Photo taken at Family Bible Church in 2003... for the longest time this pic was the background setting of Grandma Sandie's computer.


Emmy and the gang

The gang at Emily's 18th birthday party... from the left Ian Barrow (kneeling), Christina, Nate, Lauren, Emily, Elizabeth, Karen, & AJ.


Britt and Em at grandparents

Christmas 2006 at Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Sandie's...


Goofing off w/Willie

Goofing off with Willie on Fathers Day 2007.


Britt, Em and Willie 

More Fathers Day 2007... Willie looks absolutely thrilled.



Best photo of Will. I'd get him ready in the morning fresh out of the shower and dressed, and I'd try to take a picture. But as soon as he saw the camera he'd zone out and rarely would I get a good photo.



Laying on his mattress in the living room staring at the fire... looks warm.