McFall Family Gathering - Easter 2009

Found some photos from a family trip to Michelle's in Tahoe that were dated around Easter 2009. Mom and Dad a I went up for the weekend and Kevin's gang joined us on Sunday.


Cold in Tahoe

Saturday at the shore - did some exploring down at the lake after arriving and a steady wind was blowing pretty cold.


Italian food in Tahoe

Later that evening had dinner at a nice Italian place... can't remember the name of the restaurant but this was our first time meeting Dennis. Was a very enjoyable evening chatting and getting to know each other.


Par course in Tahoe

The next day was much nicer weather and Michelle wanted to run the par course near her place. Me and the folks thought it made for a better walk instead.


Michelle and Dad

Just a quick photo of Michelle and Dad by the side of the road... snow looks good, huh?.


Mom relaxing

After our hike Mom decided to relax with a book on the couch.


At the beach

Kevin and Angela's family joined us later that day and the weather was so nice we took Christopher and Michael down to the beach. Quite a contrast... beach setting with snow capped mountains - very beautiful!


In the water.

Yes, that water comes from melted snow...



Good photo of Mikey...


Nicholas pitching

And here's the pitch...






Another good photo of Mikey...


The gang

Think this was taken after dinner that evening before Kevin and Angela drove back to Grass Valley.


Michelle and Dennis

Great photo of Michelle and Dennis.

Michelle, thank you for allowing us to add some chaos to your life and turning these family gatherings into an annual event - it is the source of many great memories that will hopefully extend beyond our generation.