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December 26, 2010 - Holy FREAKING Hannah... was working on the home page and trying to setup a random photo script. It's a free script found on Matt's Script Archive (see below) that looked easy enough. Except I've spent several frustrating hours trying to figure out why it wasn't working - only to discover the culprit was Microsoft Word smart quotes. Smart quotes are different from normal quotes and the script program, Perl, doesn't like smart quotes. But it wasn't until after reading the script instructions 89 times, combing thru my website tech support, digging into error logs and finally Googling "perl @files = unrecognized character" that I finally discovered this golden nugget of truth. And sure enough, if you compare the two quotes side-by-side there's a teeny tiny oh-so-insignificant difference that only Microsoft and Perl will care about.

Drove. Me. Nuts.

Gonna Get To This Eventually

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