Tips on Smoking Cigars

Habano210 SEP 2017 - Wow... I have a few HC Series Habanos that have been aging for serveral years in one of my humidors. They are very nice cigars, but I mostly attributed that to the extra aging. However last night I smoked one from a box that had just been delivered from cigar.com, and I'm impressed.

This is a box pressed Grande, 6" x 60, with a Habana 2000 wrapper. Here's the description and photo of the HC Series Habano2 from cigar.com:

While the HC Series set the table for the burgeoning cigar line, their expansion to the Habano2 is what will propel them to stardom. Handcrafted in Nicaragua, the blend features Sumatran, Nicaraguan, and Honduran fillers that make a smooth, medium to full-bodied blend. A rare Habano 2000 wrapper is then applied over the savory fillers that add a much-needed richness to the blend. Once complete, the blend exudes flavors of rich pepper with notes of leather and cedar.

I don't know about the flavors described (I have yet to smoke pepper, leather, or cedar) but everything else was spot on. This cigar has a wonderful composition, achieving an easy draw of voluminous smoke while maintaining a slow steady burn. No runs and no need to re-light. It tasted good, neither too strong or weak, and feels solid to hold with just enough squeeze to let you know this was a nice fresh cigar.

I can't say enough about the Habano2. After last night, I got up first thing in the morning and ordered another box. Seriously, you could spend a lot more money on a cigar that doesn't match the HC Series Habano2.


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