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Time Enough For Love30 SEP 2017 - Finally finished reading Time Enough For Love by Robert Heinlein. Very good book with a very creative story. The protagonist, Lazarus Long, is a man who happens to be the oldest man in the universe.  In the beginning of the story his family has to trick him into not committing suicide because, even though he's tired of living, yet they don't want to lose all the knowledge he has acquired over the centuries. Yes, he is centuries old. He lives at a time when people can be rejuvenated, repeatedly restoring their lives to an earlier age.

Mankind has also mastered space travel and because of that the human race has spread out, called "the diaspora", to remote regions of the universe. Lazarus Long is not only centuries old but he has traveled all over the universe while accumulating a great deal of knowledge from his experiences. A good portion of the book is Lazarus dictating these experiences to a computer, where they will be stored with the family archives.

Heinlein is known as a great author and proves it with Time Enough For Love. His intimate knowledge of various professions gives a plausible feel to much of the story, from pioneering challenges of newfound planets, to military strategies of WWI, to parenting wisdom on the best way to raise children. It's not surprising when coming across a quote from Heinlein - he was truly a very wise man.

The title comes from a lesson Lazarus gives to his young adopted children. Having reached adult age, they work hard at running a restaurant but he teaches them that without taking time to love each other, they will lose their zest for life and each other. This theme is repeated throughout the story, with family members luxuriating in a manner that can only be described as loving life.

I enjoyed this book, but I'm not sure I agree with the sexual freedoms Heinlein seems to be proposing. In the final chapters of the book, Lazarus Long travels back in time to not only meet his family, but... well, I'll leave that for others to find out on their own.

Good book - I recommend it. 



20 AUG 2017 - I'm reading Time Enough For Love by Robert Heinlein right now. It took a while to get interesting, like most good books, but has caught my interest and I've been cruising thru it pretty steady. Won't say much about it now, as I'm not finished, but I will mention a book I did recently finish reading.

Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient ExpressI became interested after seeing it mentioned on the web. I've never been a fan of Agatha Christie, but decided to try one of her books since she's so popular.

It was an interesting read - was very difficult keeping track of all her characters and how they were related to the story. The writing also had a very dated feel to it, not something I could put my finger on exactly. Sort of a formality to how the characters lived and talked, as though it were from a time long ago. Now I understand it was written in the 1930s and the story  seems to also take place at that time as well. Christie is from the UK and first published the book there also... the British aren't too formal, are they?

I stuck with it, and even started to gain interest in how the mystery would be resolved. The ending was a little implausible for my taste, but obviously my opinion is no match for Agatha Christie's popularity. I was very impressed that she could weave such a complex tale, keeping track of so many characters while planning a resolution all along.

In the end, I'd say Agatha Christie isn't my favorite read, but that's okay - I was never a big fan of murder mysteries to begin with.


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