It doesn't take much to make me happy, but then it doesn't take much to annoy me either.


ViewAugust 22, 2014 - So out here on the west coast we're in the middle of a drought and oh-my-effing-gosh you would think it was the end of the ever loving world. The media, who've gotten in touch with their deep inner need to dramatize any little news item, have totally blown this out of proportion. It's no longer a drought, but rather the "WORST DROUGHT IN CALIFORNIA HISTORY!!". Guess these folks never heard of the drought that happened here in the 70s... everyone thought it was the end back then too, but eventually it started raining again and the sun continued to rise, birds resumed chirping, and who would have guessed - life went on.

 I was casually talking with a friend who sucks up TV news and was startled to hear her concern that the Bay Area was going to burn to the ground - because of the drought... PLEASE - TAKE A CLEANSING BREATH!!

Then you have neighbors who start judging each other based whether their front lawn is dead or not. If you don't have dead grass in your front yard you run the risk of someone reporting it to the "authorities". And if you do have dead grass, it's like you're some sort of public martyr making the great noble sacrifice for the good of our exalted environment. There's an actual social media movement called drought shaming that posts green lawn pictures and addresses of those who dare to question the catastrophic "WORST DROUGHT IN CALIFORNIA HISTORY!!".

This is the west. We do dry weather... it's one of the reasons people like it out here - there's little to no rain, humidity, or bugs, and every once in a while we go thru a dry period. If it wasn't for snowmelt and irrigation the whole west coast would be one big desert. Which means droughts are a normal part of the climate cycle and something you can get thru if you manage it correctly.

Which leads me to the real issue at stake - California doesn't have a water problem, it has a water management problem. We have enough water... what we don't have is dams and reservoirs. California hasn't built a major reservoir since the 1970s. In fact, our foolish wisdom has lead us to cheer those who tear them down. Why? Because of the environment. Every time a major building project is proposed, environmentalists have a coronary about a bug or a bird or a butterfly that will supposedly be threatened. My God, these nuts go over the edge when a freakin pigeon starts limping!

I know it's hard to do, but keep in mind that the rain will return even if it takes a few years. And for the love of all things reasonable, STOP watching the TV news... those bastards will sell their mothers into forced slavery if it would get more viewers.

August 17, 2014 - Wow - it's been over a year since I updated the front page... a lot has been going on, which is normal.

At work I lost my boss - he went to another company. Too bad, because I passed on other opportunities last year mostly because I liked working for him. Now that he's gone we're supposed to get a new manager at the end of the month. The new guy has been hired from the outside, plus he has no experience w/CAD software. We'll see how this goes...

Went on several vacations this year. In early June the McFalls got together for a Mexican cruise... very enjoyable. Weather was good, food was decent, but spending time together as a family was the best.

Later in the month the Trans rented a huge cabin in Tahoe and we spent 4 days in the mountains above the lake. Went on a few hikes, did a little casino gambling, and generally relaxed. It was nice - again, lots of good food... very enjoyable.

Still doing the P90X thing, though now I'm on P90X3. I find X3 to be good because the workouts are limited to 30 minutes, and when trying to exercise in the morning, 30 minutes is just right. So far, injury free... and staying pretty consistent too.



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