July 2013

July 7, 2013 - Been too long since the site has been updated. The contact page was messed up and after many frustrating failures I gave up trying to fix it. Months passed and yesteday I ran across a website w/simple instructions for a contact page. Played around with it this morning and BOOM! It's done - contact page restored and all is well with my online life.

Tunnel Vision

So yesterday I ran across a headline about Justin Timberlake's new video being BANNED from YouTube... wow - how bad could it be for YouTube to pull out the censor stamp? Well it's pretty bad. Sure, you have the usual naked girls running around with breasts a flopping and everything. Sad to say, but most kids have seen much more graphic things online... if it isn't on YouTube then it doesn't take a web master to find worse else where.

The worst, though, is 20 years from now people will watch this "controversial" video and wonder why the hell nobody told Justin to pull his pants up. Seriously - this is a 32 year-old man...